The Dr. M Cup - Paper Greats
The Dr. M Cup
The Dr. M Cup - Paper Greats
The Dr. M Cup - Paper Greats
The Dr. M Cup

The Dr. M Cup

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Do no harm- quite the daily undertaking. Healing others is not for the faint of heart. It takes massive strength and chronic positivity.

The Dr. M is dedicated to the women and men who save lives. From band-aids to 9-hour surgeries, from listening ears to battling lifelong illnesses, doctors wake up and show up.

Sometimes you need the professionals. First there was Dr. Herr whose answer to everything is, “don’t worry about it.” Now there’s Dr. M. Recently she reminded me even doctors call it practicing medicine. You know why?! Because we are all just trying to do our best, trying to use the information available to us, and get it right.

Join me in raising a cup for all those doing no harm!

Consists of 15 Coffee Cups, 15 Sleeves and 15 Lids.

Dimensions and Composition: 16 oz., PLA lined cup single-wall paper cup for hot or cold liquid.

Dimensions and Composition:
 These fit all standard disposable cups, they also come from recycled Kraft paperboard.

Dimensions: Fits all standard size cups.

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