The Vic
The Vic
The Vic

The Vic

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This pack consists of 15 Coffee Cups, 15 Sleeves and 15 Lids.

Vibrant, sophisticated, and fun. Fill this with commute juice to make the fellow drivers shift right to see what’s in your hand. Turn the school pick up line green with envy over this red and purple beauty. From SoHo to the supermarket this cup has got you looking good.

Not All Superheroes Wear Capes Sleeve
Seriously, capes are difficult fashion choice. Hard to wear a shoulder bag. Hard to keep down in a windstorm. We know you are a superhero. We hope we know it too. Let this sleeve be a reminder – now go save something (suggestions include your sanity, stray kittens, pennies).


Dimensions and Composition: 16 oz., PLA lined cup single-wall paper cup for hot or cold liquid.

Dimensions and Composition:
 These fit all standard disposable cups, they also come from recycled Kraft paperboard.

Dimensions: Fits all standard size cups.


All designs and colors are interchangeable.

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