Can the Great Plate be recycled?
Yes, it can! Just another reason to feel good about not doing dishes. Our Kraft paperboard is a reusable, recyclable substrate for you - our environmentally conscious consumer. Our tray is made in the USA and contains at least 18% recycled wood fiber content. It is manufactured using a totally chlorine-free process which consumes less raw material and water. Our plate doesn’t stop there because our manufacturer is SFI certified which verifies it buys wood and paper products from a responsible source, backed by a rigorous, third-party certification audit.

What’s the deal on composting?
We are so glad you asked. It really comes down to where you live and how your municipality handles composting. Our Great Plate is Cedar Grove Accepted for compostability and is also BPI certified. This means it has passed extensive environmental testing for biodegradation, disintegration, and phytotoxicity. It’s time to check out your local composting facility and see if you can be part of the magic. 

Is it really safe to eat directly off of?
Yes it is. 100% safe to eat off of. Just ask Selina who uses the plates for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The printing process uses solvent and UV chemical-free vegetable and water-based inks and coatings. Our manufacturer is AIB (American Institute of Baking) certified. This accreditation is a globally recognized food safety certification which allows us to meet both industry best practice and strict regulatory requirements, most importantly the FDA guidelines for direct food contact.

What are your thoughts on microwaving?
Our Great Plate is also microwave safe so go to town. If you are a lover of the "wave", you can feel free to spin our tray right round until your desired temperature. 

How large is the Great Plate?
10 ½" Length x 7 ½” Width x 1 ½" Height (this means the flat part/base measures 7 ½ in by 10 ½).

Talk shipping to me?
It’s FREE.99”. Yup, you read it right - we offer free shipping on all of our products. 

Can I use The Great Plate every day for every meal?
We love this idea! It’s cute, it’s useful, it’s durable yet lightweight. We totally get it – with your new found free time you are just a few steps away from total world domination.
Caution: Using this tray on the daily may result in longer manicures and maintained sanity. It may also cause massive amounts of productivity and an increased feeling of happiness. You have been warned.

Now that I am not doing dishes I have found myself with oodles of free time, any suggestions on how to fill it?
We think Beyoncé said it best, “who runs the world? Girls!” So go get it!
Just spit-balling here but our suggestions include making sure you get what you deserve- a luxurious bath, a Nicholas Sparks movie, more cuddle with your kids, a glass of wine with your favorite person, a ladies night with your girlfriends, a quiet night with a good book and hot tea, or maybe you just want to sit alone and enjoy the sounds of silence? Endless possibilities for our wonderful flock out there.

This product changed my life? What else are you making?
We are tickled pink to hear this! It has changed our lives too. We have a lot of fun ideas percolating and cannot wait to share. 
We also would love to give the people what they want. So holler back and tell us what floats your boat.

I used to hate pigeons and now I find myself wanting to feed them in the park, is this normal?
You are not alone. Many have underestimated Pippa’s power. Her power is true and it is deep. Our love was solidified after we googled ‘10 cool facts about pigeons’. You cannot un-know how amazing they really are. Guaranteed to blow your mind.

Want to know anything else? Just email pippa@papergreats.com