Meet the Team & Pippa

Heather is our Co-Founder + Executive Sensei. She is a Virgo who profoundly loves dark chocolate (especially NibMor Chocolate), bread, and yoga. She also happens to be the queen of baking, road trips, and motivational quotes. Heather possess the ability to pack anything in a carry-on, she is all about the hustle and never lets the traffic get her down. (right)

Selina is our Co-Founder + Idea Jedi. She is a Cancer who has a deep affinity for organizing, sparkles, and the feel of silk and cashmere. Some of her favorite things are Christmas, birthdays, and adventures. These are closely followed by her affection for nail polish, good puns, jumpsuits, and delicious candles. Give her a glass of wine, a fire, and a cheerful rom-com and she will be happy as a clam. (left)

Radhika is our Art Director + Pantone Connoisseur.  She is a Virgo who loves travel and exploring new ways to cook mushrooms. She keeps her life flexible by dabbling in yoga and uses her artistic soul-seeing superpower for good. Her graphic design genius has us all agreeing she needs to insure her hands.  She is an authority of all things cool and makes the world a much more beautiful and colorful place to experience.  

Heather, Selina, and Radhika make up Team Paper Greats. One team. One dream. They all possess a deep love for coffee, flavored seltzer, and pigeons. They believe in the power of kindness, genuine smiles, smudging, positive energy, and karma. Their penchant for astrology and vegetables is strong and shared as is their preference for gratitude to attitude.

Who is Pippa?

Please meet Pippa. She’s our ambassador with a mantra - less stress and less mess. She’s a gal on the go and doesn’t have time for ruffled feathers. Just like Pippa, we are all about keeping it simple, easy, and mess-free. 

Pippa is an explorer, a messenger, a navigator. We love her because like us, she cares about your needs and is constantly looking for ways to keep your daily life happy and stress-free. She brings a dash of fun and spreads smiles throughout our different products. We hope you want to follow her to a new path allowing you to spend more time doing the things you love.