Our Paperpreneur Manifesto


Life is too short for weak coffee, dull razors, and bad wine. Never underestimate the power of a mom hug, a hot shower, a good manicure, a female power ballad, and catching more flies with honey. It’s impossible to have too much white sage, joy, sequins, colored pens, or lounge-wear. Bread and chocolate should be treated as a complete meal and on certain days a complete food group. In addition to a smile, being on time, being gracious, and being grateful always looks good. Friends are the family you choose and life should be at least as flexible as intermediate yoga. It’s best to possess eternal gratitude for coffee, sisters, fresh flowers, down comforters, air conditioning, outdoor showers, king size beds, saunas, magic, and sunrises. Believe in the power of good dental care, mercury retrograde, gut feelings, laughter, and impromptu dance parties. The goal is to have more smiles and less dishes because life is already messy enough. There is enough room for everyone so keep it moving because it’s going to work out.