TerraCycle: Sip + 'Cycle

We like our coffee black and our cups green so we partnered with TerraCycle® so we can make it free and easy to do the right thing for our planet. 

We are thrilled to introduce our national recycling program for Paper Greats paper cups and lids.

To participate in our program click here to request your recycling envelope flexible packaging through TerraCycle®.


Participating i is free and easy. 

  1. To request your recycling envelope for Paper Greats paper cups and lids, please complete the order form below. Your envelope will ship via the United States Postal Service within 1-2 weeks. 

  2. Once received, remove the prepaid return label from inside your envelope. Cover your address with the label.

  3. Collect and fill the envelope with Paper Greats paper cups and lids.

  4. Seal and return via USPS.

  5. Sip and repeat.

Once your envelope is returned, our cups/lids will be properly processed!